Veteran-Owned Skydive Centre In Campbell River To Raise Awareness Of PTSD

Operation Pegasus is taking place in July.

When people leave the Canadian military it’s not necessarily easy to transition back into regular life.

“There’s no going back to just getting out of bed in the morning and having a coffee and sitting on the deck and watching the day go by,” says retired Sergeant Rob MacNeill in a new video posted by the Campbell River Skydive Centre, the only veteran-owned drop zone in Canada. 

“For the guys that were deployed it can be a big switch,” says Army veteran Mike ‘Macko’ Cyr.

That’s why the Skydive Centre is hosting an event on July 8 to raise awareness about the mental health challenges faced by veterans or people with high risk jobs. 

They’re calling it “Operation Pegasus.” 

“Operation Pegasus is something we’re putting on for the first time this year,” explains serving Navy master sailor Jen MacKinnon. “Basically…it’s for all veterans, serving military, first responders–anyone who’s at high risk for any mental health or PTSD.”

Learn more about the event here.  

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