Check Out this Jaw-Dropping Video of 24 Orcas Swimming Near Haida Gwaii

A lucky fishing boat caught a rare glimpse of two pods travelling together.

Vancouver Island Whale Watch, via FB page.

An orca sighting isn’t an exceptionally rare event on the west coast – but how about 24 orcas? A group of people fishing off the coast of Haida Gwaii last week spotted 24 orcas from two different pods travelling together.

This stunning video taken by Corey Wallis shows numerous dorsal fins emerging from the water as the camera spans to take in the 24 whales passing their boat. Wallis told Global News that they “pulled up their lines and turned off their boats to watch the spectacle.”

Keep an eye out for orcas if you’re out on the water and always stay 200 metres away from whales, turning off your boat to allow them to pass. 

And don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate these stunning mammals that we west coasters are so lucky to view!

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