This 4-Year-Old ‘Cindy Lou Who’ Lookalike is Running The Cutest Stand in Saanich

Sadie had hot chocolate and marshmallows for sale, with a little help from ‘Papa.’

Cindy Lou Who from 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' released in 1966.
Cindy Lou Who from 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' released in 1966. Source: Comic Vine

A little hot beverage stand in Saanich is getting a lot of traffic this winter.

Four-year-old Sadie saw an opportunity in the recent winter storm and decided to sell hot chocolate to passersby on Grange Road, with a bit of help from her father. He is “in charge of set up and Sadie is in charge of sales,” Dad explained in this heart-warming interview done by CTV Island News.

She even threw in tasty toppings for her patrons: “Who would have hot chocolate without marshmallows?!” she exclaimed. 

Sadie bears a remarkable resemblance to Cindy Lou Who, which the CTV journalist pointed out to her, but she just cackled in response to the comparison. 

The reviews were overwhelmingly positive. “Perfect temperature,” one satisfied customer remarked, and “very good,” said another. The money was rolling in and she said she was saving it for the candy store.

Sadie knows what she wants and has no plans of going corporate anytime soon. When the interviewer asked, “Would you ever work at Starbucks when you’re older?”, Sadie gave a look and offered a straightforward, “No.” 

Cheers to Sadie and her chocolate stand for not selling out, just selling homemade hot chocolate at possibly the cutest stand Islanders will see this winter.

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